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Conjunction of Mercury and Saturn this morning from Toronto

… and I can’t see it! The weather has been just terrible to me.  I’ve been trying to check out Comet ISON, but it’s sitting so low in the horizon, and those clouds from Lake Ontario keep everything below 5 degrees altitude totally obscured. Anyways, this morning sometime around 7am EST, Mercury and Saturn were directly in line vertically with us, with only 0.7 degrees vertical distance. Here’s the stats I got from Heaven’s Above.  I simply can’t recommend this site enough.   Here’s a lame picture from Japan. Conjunction…

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Deep-Space Data Transmission = Free Storage!

Delays. Delays. Delays. Not all bad, but some better than others. Ordinarily, in the data world, a delay is a loathsome thing. It makes your conversations on the cell phone sound strange and impersonal, it turns your favourite video first-person shoot-em-up video game skills look like a n00b, and it’s why the people across the street from you with Cable TV are jumping with joy a few seconds before you with your Satellite TV when the Blue Jays win another World Series. What about extra-terrestrial data communications? The satellite used…

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