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3 Reasons Why KickStarter Projects Fail

I love kickstarter.  Recently I funded the LOIRP project and actually got an original negative back from the project as promised. Today I decided to cruise around kickstarter and ended up wondering what the turning point was between a succesfully funded project (most projects that are succesful are OVER-funded greatly) and a project that never cut the cheese.

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RRSP vs. Paying Down Debt

A close friend of mine, who is not to be named in this article, is in a bit of a pickle. They recently got a cheque in the mail, and wanted to know what to do with it.They don’t own a house, but somehow have mustered a $20,000.00 debt while buying the “car of their dreams” (and probably a few too many shoes) . They make a modest income, but spend poorly, and want to work on their debt. There’s a lot of articles out there on paying down mortgage…

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