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Conjunction of Mercury and Saturn this morning from Toronto

… and I can’t see it! The weather has been just terrible to me.  I’ve been trying to check out Comet ISON, but it’s sitting so low in the horizon, and those clouds from Lake Ontario keep everything below 5 degrees altitude totally obscured. Anyways, this morning sometime around 7am EST, Mercury and Saturn were directly in line vertically with us, with only 0.7 degrees vertical distance. Here’s the stats I got from Heaven’s Above.  I simply can’t recommend this site enough.   Here’s a lame picture from Japan. Conjunction…

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Comet ISON – How to Talk about it like a Boss.

Comet ISON is one of the best comets to observe in recent memory.  I’ve been excited about for a while now. Not since my original article on P/17 Comet Holmes have I written or cared to explore other comets. In the coming weeks, lots of non-space geeks will talk about it, and even have the chance to see it with the naked eye.  In fact, some speculation exists that once the comet makes it’s way around the “back” of the Sun and shoots into the reaches of space, the tail…

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