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CACTI Tuning – How to set Maximum OID’s Per Get Request

Update 2017!  Review my article then see my new script that does this automatically for you. There are many parameters to tune in order to ensure you have a well-oiled Cacti. The very first step of tuning any installation is to install Spine poller instead of the included “cmd.php” poller that came with your cacti installation.  This will reduce your overall polling time, and release system resources sooner in order to service web-queries. No matter what – your polling time must NEVER exceed your polling interval.  The standard polling interval…

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CACTI Template Hashes – What I learned.

In keeping with the whole human knowledge belongs to the world idea, here’s a primer for creating CACTI templates using a CLI method that should enlighten and save hours and hours and hours. Learned lesson:  Don’t fully use random 32 character MD5 for hash,  you’re bound to run into duplicates.  Drop the tail by 4 characters and append a universal counter++ ( 9999 unique serials using digits [0-9] ). Also, probably dropping another 2 characters somewhere and inserting a 2-digit hex job-batch number will also help avoiding duplicates in an…

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