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New Lotto 6/49 Now BETTER Than Lottario Human Activity Money 

New Lotto 6/49 Now BETTER Than Lottario

Previous article comparing Lottario and Lotto6/49 .

It appears that the OLG Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commision has updated Lotto 6/49,  and I’d like to take a closer look:

  • Cost now $3 instead of $2
  • Jackpots starting at $5 million
  • Free play prizes when you match just 2 numbers
  • odds of 1 in 6.6 of winning any prize

The OLGC Lotto 6/49 Official Website can be consulted about the rules, etc.

The  OLGC Lottario Official Website can be consulted about the rules, etc.


Comparison Heats!

1.  Odds of winning any prize.

NEW! Winner: Lotto6/49, 1 in 6.6
 Loser: Lottario, 1 in 21 

2. Odds of winning a low end prize $, (not a free ticket)

DRAW : Lotto 6/49, there are 2 different low end prizes ($5 and $10)

  • 1in81 and 1in56
  • 2/6 numbers + bonus and 3/6 numbers

DRAW : Lottario

  • 1in22
  • 3/6 numbers

Lotto649 slightly edges out Lottario for in terms of numbers you have to match.  Both games provide 3 numbers, but Lotto649 also provides another number for you to match with in place of any third number.  This, however, is outweighed by the smaller number set (goes to 45 instead of 49).

3. Number sets

Loser: Lotto 6/49 – 49 numbers, choose 6

Winnner: Lottario – 45 numbers, choose 6

4. Cost

Winner: Lottario – 1$ for 4 plays.

Loser: Lotto 6/49 – 3$ for 1 play.

5. Number of draws per week

Lotto 6/49 – 2 Draws Wednesday and Saturday

Lottario – 1 Draw Saturday


Irrelevant!  I don’t really consider this to be a situation, unless you consider human behaviour, and possible competition for “shared pool” prizes.  Look, if i have to split 50 mill or 500 grand, I wont really have regrets about it !  Promise!

6. Side games

Winner – Lotto 6/49

  • Guaranteed Winner of a $1M prize

Loser – Lottario

  • Extra play for free
  • Early bird , 4-number draw based on your plays.  $50,000 shared pool.

7. Winning The BIGGEST Prize

Winner – Lotto 6/49

  • 1 in 13,983,816
  • $5Million minimum

Loser – Lottario

  • 1 in  4,072,530
  • $250,000


The New Lotto 6/49 Logo
The New Lotto 6/49 Logo

Final Thought

It seems to me a buck is pretty cheap for multiple plays.  I still love Lottario, and have probably lost as much money on it as any game.  Once in a while though, I’ll dream of a 6/49 draw and order one up.  I don’t even consider LottoMax unless we’re talking $50M and multiple millions on top.

The new 649 is looking like a great game, and I look forward to writing this blog from a remote beach with Satellite uplink.  Great refresh of the game overall, and I declare it the Winner, according to my realworldnumbers.




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5 thoughts on “New Lotto 6/49 Now BETTER Than Lottario

  1. […] UPDATE!  I wrote this article before the “NEW” Lotto 6/49 came out in 2013.  Read this article, then see why I now believe  that the new Lotto6/49 is a better game than Lottario. […]

  2. Eban

    Okay, Okay… they have me again. I’ll run out right now and buy $10 of tickets.

    If it’s that or feed my children, well, they can do without breakfast for a couple of days.

    1. realworldnumbers

      Obviously, you’re not reading the guts of the story, otherwise you’d say you’re running out for $9 worth of tickets…

  3. I have some nice ideas on all the 3 lotteries in Ont. Angles. Call me at 1-905-579-1116 or email me.

  4. Will

    Its amazing how many people will play lottomax when 6/49 pool is bigger.

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