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DropBox Customer Feedback – A Waste of Time and Bad Customer Support networks and data 

DropBox Customer Feedback – A Waste of Time and Bad Customer Support

I’m almost sorry to even give DropBox a plug here.  Personally, I don’t believe that a corporate culture is ready for a $2 Billion IPO when they “can’t get back to you this time”.

Ouch, they could have been a ten out of ten product for me.   My suggestion was positive and i let them know i had an overwhelming positive experience with their product!


Here’s How DropBox Values it’s Customer’s Feedback:

Dropbox Support, Nov 19 07:02 am (PST):Hi,Thanks for writing in. While we’d love to answer every question we receive, we can’t get back to you at this time.

If you need to restore a lot of files, please take these steps:
Also, check out our help center for solutions to the most frequent questions:

We’re sorry for the inconvenience,
The Dropbox Team




Patrick Best, Oct 22 08:32 am (PDT):

Hi, I use this on a work laptop, and I don’t like the idea that it’s always-on if I don’t expressly want it to be. The “unlinking” button is a few menus deep and I feel like it would be great to supply a password every once in a while, similar to the way the Password Safe auto-locks after some time.

Love you product and I feel this feature would distinguish you even more from Drive.


Not even a “we read, we didn’t like”.

Some other negative things revloving around Dropbox, nevermind the security flaws.

Bad technical problem that DropBox couldn’t resolve for this guy?

Another bad customer service response!

Credit card companies can’t block payments to DropBox?

Customer support – no call in number

Open “goodbye” letter from a client posted on their own forums!  In fact, search for

Terms of service “harsh” ?






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One thought on “DropBox Customer Feedback – A Waste of Time and Bad Customer Support

  1. Glenn

    I recently had to deal with them after my email address was compromised and the person used that to change my dropbox password. They were completely unhelpful and said “if you do not know your password and do not have access to email then we cannot help you”

    I pleaded with them – I had been hacked. I just kept getting copy and pasted responses. There is absolutely nothing else they can do. Everyone else has ways around this (google, Facebook etc) but dropbox just don’t care. I was appauled at the way I was treated. Fair enough if they have policies against this… but SOME customer service and possible even empathy would have been nice. I hope they go broke, they deserve it.

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