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Frost Quakes in Ontario CryoSeismic Event

After a mostly sleepless night (Jan 2-3, 2014) due to Frost Quakes, I thought i’d investigate more and find out if the USGS or the Natural Resources Canada to see if these seismic events actually made it onto any kind of an earthquake map.

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How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries

This article is a continuation of a failed attempt to test a Raspberry Pi by AAA Batteries. My original test was flawed, but I seemed to have corrected the methodology and have performed an accurate test with meaningful output. The Test As per the original article, the hardware remains the same no USB devices no HDMI no Ethernet micro-USB powered by 4 AA batteries What’s changed here is the software approach.  The previous way I did it was to append a timestamp to a file on the flash drive.  This…

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How Long Would a Raspberry Pi Last on AA Batteries?

UPDATE !   I have recently redone the testing with a new method that proved succesful.  Please go to the my new posting How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries   I really love the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a great platform for someone with limited electronics experience, but much PC experience. When I start to wonder about what kind of invention i would like to make with the RPi, I gravitate to autonomy.  That is, designing a device with the Raspberry Pi centrally, and some peripherals that…

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