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Grocery Store Tricks, Priced in Imperial, Weighed in Metric

So the other day i was purchasing some cherries, when I ran into a problem.  I had no idea how much the darned things were gonna cost me.  I went to a Loblaws SuperStore in Aurora and spotted these:

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How Long Would a Raspberry Pi Last on AA Batteries?

UPDATE !   I have recently redone the testing with a new method that proved succesful.  Please go to the my new posting How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries   I really love the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a great platform for someone with limited electronics experience, but much PC experience. When I start to wonder about what kind of invention i would like to make with the RPi, I gravitate to autonomy.  That is, designing a device with the Raspberry Pi centrally, and some peripherals that…

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