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KVM and Ubuntu Basics – How to Properly Backup your XML Files

So in finicking around with KVM on my Ubuntu 16.04.1 for a little bit, and i’d like to share something that may really save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to those pesky xml files that describe what your Virtual Machine is, and what it’s got under the hood for resources. I first came to the realization that there are more than just one XML files generated in order to satsify all the components of the VM.   There’s XML files for Network Network Filter Rules…

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phpMyAdmin and CentOS and EC2 and RDS – fixed!

If you’re reading this and it matters to you.  I’m about to save you hours of go-nowhere research.  Nowhere else have i found the solution.  So here you go world. I can describe the problem as this:  PHPMyAdmin apparently won’t work under Amazon’s EC2 instance of CentOS using RDS or some other TCP based SQL connection. Maybe the problem description is too general in some places, and maybe too specific in others.  However, if you’ve “tried everything” and phpMyAdmin still won’t work for you, this is it.

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How Long Would a Raspberry Pi Last on AA Batteries?

UPDATE !   I have recently redone the testing with a new method that proved succesful.  Please go to the my new posting How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries   I really love the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a great platform for someone with limited electronics experience, but much PC experience. When I start to wonder about what kind of invention i would like to make with the RPi, I gravitate to autonomy.  That is, designing a device with the Raspberry Pi centrally, and some peripherals that…

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