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Grocery Store Tricks, Priced in Imperial, Weighed in Metric

So the other day i was purchasing some cherries, when I ran into a problem.  I had no idea how much the darned things were gonna cost me.  I went to a Loblaws SuperStore in Aurora and spotted these:

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Rona in Aurora Ontario – The Death of a Big Box

It seems to me that maybe this Rona is one of the final big box victims of the 2008 economic bust.    I guess someone thought the homebuilding would continue forever.  We’re not protected here in Canada, folks.  Don’t walk too proud! [youtube=]]    

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Costa Rica votes, holds Referendum on CAFTA (TLC)

Update, the “Si” position appears to have won the valid referendum. See bottom of article for numbers. Politics isn’t my thing, usually it’s just numbers. In this case, they’re perfectly intertwined. Considering my wonderful Tica wife is voting on the future of her beautiful country today, I’d say we have a match. Her sister is back in CR for a week from New Jersey. In fact, thousands of Ticos are flocking back to Costa Rica today. They’ve been doing it all week. They’re coming back in droves to drop a…

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