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Kindergarten Google – A to Z and 1 to 10

Have you ever taken the time to see exactly what the A to Z search on Google comes back with? We start by simply typing in a single letter on Google and seeing what the first return is. For the most part, we find a notable pattern, but with a few bizarre oddities: Sometimes, an article on Wikipedia is referenced “ie, an article on the letter ‘b’ “ There are a few stock symbols Many mathematical constants Funny items The letter “S” brought up Queen’s University… huh? The letter R…

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There’s a SKUNK in my garage… and my BUDDY IS IN THERE TOO!

Here’s the obligatory garbage post for this weekend. My neighbor Kyle and his buddy Keith were in their garage when they noticed a skunk. Only 1 got out, the other man was left behind as a sacrifice to fight for his own escape. This is how the events unfolded. Watch the video. Click here.

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