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How Much Does Electricity for a 100W Lightbulb Cost in Ontario?

I was considering ditching the old desktop PC and considering using just a laptop from now on.  They consume way less power and I was curious as to how much electricity REALLY costs where I live in Newmarket, Ontario. The hydro rates are expected to rise 33% in three years, as just announced, so expect that 500W power supplies for normal everyday users will become too costly.  In fact, this Globe article suggests that the BASE price of power is going up almost 8 percent in the next five years….

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How Long Would a Raspberry Pi Last on AA Batteries?

UPDATE !   I have recently redone the testing with a new method that proved succesful.  Please go to the my new posting How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries   I really love the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a great platform for someone with limited electronics experience, but much PC experience. When I start to wonder about what kind of invention i would like to make with the RPi, I gravitate to autonomy.  That is, designing a device with the Raspberry Pi centrally, and some peripherals that…

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There is only Enough Surplus Electricity in North America for 30,000 Electric Cars

Introduction A friend of mine commented over bad sushi the other day that there isn’t enough electricity generated in North America for everyone to be driving an electric car. A powerful statement!  We’re going to examine the electric grid of Canada and the United States and discover exactly how many electric cars we could service.  In order to do this, we’re going to need to really break down the numbers, make crazy assumptions, and examine a few things: Average miles driven per car Amount of electricity to charge a car…

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