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phpMyAdmin and CentOS and EC2 and RDS – fixed!

If you’re reading this and it matters to you.  I’m about to save you hours of go-nowhere research.  Nowhere else have i found the solution.  So here you go world. I can describe the problem as this:  PHPMyAdmin apparently won’t work under Amazon’s EC2 instance of CentOS using RDS or some other TCP based SQL connection. Maybe the problem description is too general in some places, and maybe too specific in others.  However, if you’ve “tried everything” and phpMyAdmin still won’t work for you, this is it.

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Mail In a Box on EC2 with S3 backup script

I wanted to break free and set up my own email server on Amazon’s AWS cloud. After signing up for a one year free trial, creating my mailinabox server on a T2 Micro instance with Ubunut 14.04LTS, getting the externally hosted DNS settings up and running, and testing OK, it was now time to focus my attention on backing up our email. Amazon’s free tier provides you with 5GB of free S3 storage, which is more than enough to keep and restore the emails on the server i wish to…

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How Much Bandwidth does a new Apple TV (and Netflix) Take?

Boy, It’s a good thing i tacked on the extra 10 dollars for unlimited bandwidth usage from my ISP  – Rogers!! I was previously told that there would be an initial surge of data while the AppleTV downloaded it’s settings and set it’s caches.  I see no evidence of this, but I do see a “first few days” usage of about 17GB a day due to the “wow” factor and the “new toy” factor. Now we’re settling down into our daily routine and watching 3 or 4 HD shows and…

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