MicroChip PicKit 3 Review – and Bizzare Response

While exploring various options for programming the MicroChip PIC12 , i ran into this review.  Old, but noteworthy.  This is not a typical Public Relations response. This respected auzzie reviews the updated “microchip pickit 3” development kit/programmer , calls it a piece of shit, and suggests that a real “manager dickhead” got a good promotion over Read More

Grocery Store Tricks, Priced in Imperial, Weighed in Metric

So the other day i was purchasing some cherries, when I ran into a problem.  I had no idea how much the darned things were gonna cost me.  I went to a Loblaws SuperStore in Aurora and spotted these:     So I looked around for a scale… found one way in the back:   Read More

3 Reasons Why KickStarter Projects Fail

I love kickstarter.  Recently I funded the LOIRP project and actually got an original negative back from the project as promised. Today I decided to cruise around kickstarter and ended up wondering what the turning point was between a succesfully funded project (most projects that are succesful are OVER-funded greatly) and a project that never Read More

Frost Quakes in Ontario CryoSeismic Event

After a mostly sleepless night (Jan 2-3, 2014) due to Frost Quakes, I thought i’d investigate more and find out if the USGS or the Natural Resources Canada to see if these seismic events actually made it onto any kind of an earthquake map. It seems that a “Frost Quake” occurs when the ground is Read More

How Much Does Electricity for a 100W Lightbulb Cost in Ontario?

I was considering ditching the old desktop PC and considering using just a laptop from now on.  They consume way less power and I was curious as to how much electricity REALLY costs where I live in Newmarket, Ontario. The hydro rates are expected to rise 33% in three years, as just announced, so expect Read More

How Much Bandwidth does a new Apple TV (and Netflix) Take?

Boy, It’s a good thing i tacked on the extra 10 dollars for unlimited bandwidth usage from my ISP  – Rogers!! I was previously told that there would be an initial surge of data while the AppleTV downloaded it’s settings and set it’s caches.  I see no evidence of this, but I do see a Read More

Rona in Aurora Ontario – The Death of a Big Box

It seems to me that maybe this Rona is one of the final big box victims of the 2008 economic bust.    I guess someone thought the homebuilding would continue forever.  We’re not protected here in Canada, folks.  Don’t walk too proud! ]    

How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries

This article is a continuation of a failed attempt to test a Raspberry Pi by AAA Batteries. My original test was flawed, but I seemed to have corrected the methodology and have performed an accurate test with meaningful output. The Test As per the original article, the hardware remains the same no USB devices no Read More

The Apple Value Myth – Part 2 – Maybe Worth The Price

It’s Upgrade Time About one and a half years ago, I bought my wife a mid-2012 MacBook Pro.  I chose carefully.  I got her the 2.5GHz i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 120GB SSD drive.  I’ve really glad I did.  The speed to boot and load is outstanding.  I knew that after  a year’s worth Read More

How Long Would a Raspberry Pi Last on AA Batteries?

UPDATE !   I have recently redone the testing with a new method that proved succesful.  Please go to the my new posting How to Test a Raspberry Pi Powered by Alkaline AA Batteries   I really love the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a great platform for someone with limited electronics experience, but much PC experience. When Read More